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Who We Are

Partners, Brand Advocates

CCGroup is a boutique experiential agency comprised of senior experts. Our collective work spans marketing across multiple channels in brand experience, public relations, strategic creative development and full scale event production. We are driven by the challenge to create a customized experience that reaches and touches the right audience and brings unique value to your brand, products and services. 


Conceiving the idea to bring the brand and content to life.

Multi-channel Planning

With a channel agnostic philosophy in mind by creating a social, online and offline ecosystem that engages stakeholder in concert.


Creative concept development to executive directing, styling & final execution.


Delivery of the idea to the public.

Your Benefits


We leverage our extensive network of freelancers, vendors, designers and local producers to build a team to meet your needs for the short and long term, no matter the size or shape of the idea and task.

Partnering Power

We partner seamlessly with other agencies, production companies, and celebrity agents to ensure the best of the best is working on your brand.


Senior experts will think and work on your business without the high costs of a big agency.


We thrive on a challenge and have fun working as a team to find the solution.


We have the pacific, central and eastern time zones covered, creating a longer, more productive workday.

It starts with the right team and ends with the right execution.

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